The Naming Game

posted by Lauren on 2010.07.04, under Baby Talk

The view from the judges' table at the 2010 Model Search June 19 at Stonebriar Centre.

As soon as you find out the sex of the baby, the plight to find the perfect name to call your perfect little darling forming inside of you begins. Some will go the traditional route (John, James, Joe or Jacob), and the familial route (William, Wilkie, Walker or Wallace) while others choose the never-heard-of-it-in-that-context-before names that we “ewe” and “aww” over (Sahara, Apple, Moses, Honor and Five…the list could go on and on…).

Two weeks ago at our annual dallaschildbaby model search, we saw over 250 baby faces pass before our judges tables, and I dati personali del cliente possono essere altresi comunicati, per le finalita sopra indicate, in via obbligatoria e necessaria all’erogazione dei servizi, esclusivamente a:Sono ben 9 le slot machine rilasciate di recente da Star Casino , uno tra i migliori operatori italiani di giochi di casino. the names ranged from Phoenix and Fox (girl and boy twins, respectively) to Matthew and William and everywhere in between. When looking through all the pictures to pick the two babes that will grace our covers, I always get a snapshot of the name trends. This year, I thought I”d share my unscientific survey of the most popular baby names. Gone are most of the “Mc”s” (McKenzie and McKenna), Addisons, and Emmas for the girls (which I find to trend heavier than the boys), and in are…


3. Evelyn, Gracie, Lexi, Morgan, Piper and Savannah (2 babies each)

2. Ava, Brooklyn(n), Sydney and Zoe (3 babies each)

1. Choe and Madison (4 babies each)


3. Carson, Chase, Christian, Levi, Logan, Roland and William (2 babies each)

2. Gavin and Matthew (3 babies each)

1. Maxwell (Max) (4 babies)

There you have it…Maxwell (or Max), Chloe and Madison take the cake(s) this year with the top baby names in our model search.


*photography at the event was courtesy of Picture People. The dallaschildbaby Baby Fair and Model Search was sponsored by Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano, Rainbow Play Systems, and Kim Dawson Agency.


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