Love is in the Air

posted by Jenny on 2011.01.24, under Featured

There”s a new valentine in town.  Tell your significant other not to fret, they”ll still receive your standard gift of golf balls, boxers and a letter of love…hand-written and heartfelt, of course.  But a new baby in your life means you”ve fallen in online casinos love all over again.  February 14th is right around the corner.  Why not send a bold sentiment to your tiny valentine this year with Jonathan Adler”s L O V E pillows.  Creative, colorful and consistent with his ever-amusing  and witty design style,  they”re the perfect way to express just how nuts you are about your baby.  Not to mention the cheeky flare of cheer they add to the nursery.

Available online at

Fair for Baby?

posted by Jenny on 2010.10.04, under Featured

On Saturday I attended the annual OU/TX football game (Boomer Sooner!) at the fair.  My husband and I noticed several strollers with wee little ones inside.  We got to talking and decided that we’d probably skip taking Max this year.  At only 5 months old, he’s truly too young to enjoy it – and although the Texas heat has tapered off a bit, I suspect it would still be a long, hot day for the little guy.  But we were curious if we’re being too uptight.  What’s your opinion?  Is it fair to take baby to the fair?  Do you plan on taking yours to The State Fair of Texas this year?

Commitment Issues?

posted by Jenny on 2010.08.24, under Featured

We all know commitment issues can wreak havoc in relationships. But when decorating, too? Being fearful of making permanent changes around the home is a common phobia. Deciding on finishes, textiles and even furniture can be quite daunting to those who indulge in indecisiveness. Tempaper has come to your rescue with their line of self adhesive, repositionable temporary wallpaper. Affordable and perfect for those who love to DIY, the water-based products can be applied within minutes and can last years.  Choose from vibrant colors and trendy designs – including Tempaper Tots … styles for your baby’s nursery or child’s room!

Now this is a decision worth sticking to!

Kuddle Up

posted by Jenny on 2010.08.15, under Featured

When Australian native Diana Cregan moved to the states, she was surprised that her new friends had never seen the swaddling wraps she was accustomed to using back home. After loaning out hers (and even giving some away), the now Texas resident (yeee-haw!) decided to create and sell these Australian swaddles on her own. That’s how Austin based Koala Kuddles was born. Cregan’s lightweight and oversized receiving/swaddling blankets are soft to the touch, wrap baby snugly—and thanks to the 100 percent cotton weave that breathes more easily than traditional, thicker blankets—help to prevent an overheated baby. The soft cushiony feel, substantial size and lightweight weave provide a better and longer night’s sleep for baby.  And mom.  And there’s just not much that can top that.

Oh wait – there is!

DallasChild fave, Little Bean, is now carrying Koala Kuddles.  So get yourself to their East Dallas boutique and get some sleep already!

Little Bean / 5308 Junius Street / Dallas 75214

Still Militant

posted by Jenny on 2010.08.11, under Featured

We’ve been seeing military inspired trends since 2008 so it’s no surprise to once again see them previewed for Fall 2010.  But unlike season’s past, the look this fall is more functional and subdued.  Fortunately for me (and moms-on-the-go everywhere who demand comfort without wanting to sacrifice style) the new arrivals are reasonably priced and practical.  Here are a few finds I’ve added to my wish list:


posted by Jenny on 2010.08.04, under Featured

If you”re anything like me, you don”t know a whole lot about probiotics… especially when it comes to your baby. Max”s stomach was giving him all sorts of trouble. He would cry in discomfort and I felt so helpless! That”s when our publisher (thank, you Joy!) suggested I give probiotics a try. I have to say; this healthy bacteria has worked wonders for Max! His tummy seems to Amerikassa pelin jarjestajan ”etulyontiasema” on 5,4 %, kun se ranskalaisessa on 1,4 % pelaajaan nahden johtuen ranskalaisen ruletin tavasta, jossa pallon sattuessa nollalle tasamahdollisuuksia pelaava pelaaja voi jattaa panoksensa poydalle (en prison) tai ottaa siita puolet (partager) ja antaa puolet pankille. be much better. After a little bit of research, I”ve learned that probiotics help with many issues your baby may be having, from digestive problems to colic to eczema! There are many different manufacturers to choose from including Essential Formulas, Inc. (pictured to the left, available at Whole Foods and Sprouts).

Are you currently using this natural remedy?  Which brand are you using and why?  Tell us your story!


posted by Jenny on 2010.07.28, under Featured

Nano by Bloom in Gala Green $180

After significant research on high chairs, we are now the proud owners of the Nano by Bloom. Perfect for smaller spaces and homes (like ours) the Nano takes up less room than the majority of others I looked at. Plus, it  folds up flat for easy storage. I was drawn to its vibrant, modern colors and sleek, light-weight design—oh, and not to online casino mention the reasonable price tag.

But I”m curious … which highchair does your family use?  As a new mom, I”d love to hear which ones are getting rave reviews from our readers! And, of course, once Max is old enough to use the Nano, I”ll be sure to post my thoughts. I have high hopes for this high chair.

Want to check out the Nano for yourself?  Bloom merchandise is available at , Little Lam Boutique and Baby Bliss.

Controversy at Forever 21

posted by Lauren on 2010.07.23, under Featured

A few weeks ago we blogged about Forever 21′s new maternity line hitting only a select few states, one of them ours. No big deal we thought. The models look over 21 and like reasonable childbearing age. But Time magazine asked a question via Time NewsFeed in a recent post that questions whether or not it’s targeting teens. What do you think? Is the cheap thrills chain trying to appeal to the youth with their maternity line, or is it just a step in a new market?

image via Time NewsFeed

Just Breathe

posted by Jenny on 2010.07.22, under Featured

Although all pregnancies are different, most introduce new aches and pains into an expectant mother”s life—not to mention new fears and concerns.  Dallas Yoga Center helps you tackle both! Their prenatal yoga class, offered every Saturday Since the games are not legal in the US, many operators go overseas to locate jurisdictions that allow on-line casino games. from 12:30-1:45pm combines a mixture of postures and breathing techniques offered to women in all stages of their pregnancy. I loved the class and recommend it to anyone looking to reduce discomfort and increase overall wellbeing. You”ll leave feeling more relaxed, centered and an ache or two less than when you arrived… making you strong on the inside and out!

Visit their website to get info on prenatal acupuncture and massage as well.

Dallas Yoga Center
4525 Lemmon Ave. Suite 305
Dallas, TX   75219

So Sophie…

posted by Jenny on 2010.07.18, under Featured

Four months ago I hadn’t the foggiest clue who Sophie the Giraffe was.  Now it’s all I hear about. Word on the street—it’s the best teether on the market. But I have to admit: When I first saw it, I didn’t see what the fuss was about. I mean, come on… it’s a rubber giraffe! However, upon further research, I’ve decided to put this on my “to get” list. In addition to soothing the gums of teary babies, it acts as a sensory development toy with a neck, body and legs that are easy to grasp for tiny hands.

And all my mom friends love it.

Who else loves it?  Sofia Coppola, Dennis Quaid, Kate Hudson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Debra Messing, Isla Fisher, and Nicole Richie.

Are you the proud owner of Sophie?  Let us know how she’s worked for you!

Available at Babybliss and A Tiny Hiney Baby Boutique


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